Lime Cilantro Avocado Dressing

Lime Cilantro Avocado Dressing.jpg

Meatless Monday calls for this Mexplosion Cole Slaw that pairs well with just about anything and is heartier enough to be eaten alone. It is also a great salad to take to those summer picnics and concerts in the park. The creamy lime cilantro avocado sauce is addicting and delicious on anything from salads to veggies and chips as a dip. 

🔅 1 Avocado
🔅 3 T EVOO
🔅 2T fresh lime juice
🔅 handful of cilantro
🔅 1 garlic clove, sea salt, pepper, and dash of cumin
Blend in a Magic Bullet adding water until desired consistency is achieved. Thicker if using for a veggie/ chip dip and thinner if using as a salad dressing. 

🔅 organic chopped green and purple cabbage
🔅 3/4 c organic roasted corn
🔅 3/4 c organic black beans drained and rinsed
🔅 Optional: chopped scallions, tomatoes, red pepper, cheese
🔅 mix all veggies with creamy lime cilantro avocado sauce and season w sea salt and pepper to taste. 
🔅 just before serving top with crushed tortilla chips or your favorite chopped nut