About vivacity buzz

VIVACITY: vi-vas-i-tee (noun) Latin meaning vital force, liveliness, lively, long-lived, to live. 

BUZZ: (slang) a feeling of intense enthusiasm, excitement, or exhilaration, a feeling of slight intoxication. 

I created Vivacity Buzz to share the many tings I have learned to live the most vivacious life! There is so much noise out there about: what is healthy, what is not, what is the latest superfood, new diet fad, and so much other noise...! How is anyone supposed to know what to believe!?! Utilizing my chemical engineering degree, nutrition certification, Pilates teaching credentials, and much practice to live the fullest most vivacious life I want to share my buzz with YOU!

All things lead back to my passion for good times and great food - all in the healthiest fashion. I went through a long gamete of health issues growing up and well into my 20's. I had every test imaginable (colonoscopy, endoscope, ultrasounds, blood work, etc.). I saw the best doctors at Cedars Sinai and even tried the holistic route through homeopathy, including acupuncture but nothing seemed to help. I was diagnosed with the infamous IBS and was even told it is just part of being young and under stress. I wasn't willing to accept IBS as the diagnosis and knew there must be a solution to feeling better. I have since gone gluten free (for 10 years) and eat Paleo 95% plus of the time which has made for a life changing experience in the way I live each day with energy and freedom from crippling stomach issues that haunt my past. 

In my quest for optimal health and energy I have gained much knowledge through trial and error on what works best for me, and I hope that some of the information shared can help you live your most vivacious life!

I will be sharing my favorite foods, recipes, brands, fitness routines, and anything else I think is buzz worthy!  



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