Benefits of Magnesium & Potassium

Magnesium Potassium.jpg

Instead of an apple a day I say a banana a day or go crazy and eat both!


You’ve probably heard a little chatter about the importance of these two minerals. These two are critical for so many functions:
✅ reduce anxiety, stress, depression
✅ healthy blood pressure
✅ assist with heart regulation
✅ water  balance
✅ inflammation
✅ nervous function
But often we are deficient in one or both causing:
✅ low energy/ fatigue  
✅ heart palpitations
✅ muscle cramps
✅ dehydration
✅ anemia
✅ headaches
Get the point? These two are real gems in our quest for optimal health especially as a geriatric pregnant  mama  I have been suffering from cramps in the middle of the night  so I have been finding all of these goodies to be an easy and natural solution for supporting my body as it is busy making a tiny human. 
Thankfully there are some delicious ways to ensure you are consuming enough of these fab two through tasty foods. 
✅ cacao (100% chocolate) @vivanaturals
✅ bananas
✅ nuts and seeds
✅ leafy greens
✅ dates and apricots
✅ avocado 🥑 (nature’s butter)
✅ No sugar added electrolyte drinks @goultima (sugar is all apart of a healthy balance an an important part of electrolyte balance but I prefer to get it from all of the delicious fresh fruit  in season than added & processed sugars )
✅ coconut water @sprouts (check the ingredients as many brands cram crap in theirs )
✅ pink Himalayan sea salt (the only thing I use for cooking) full of trace minerals and works in balance with potassium. If either are low the whole system is off balance.
✅ bonus: Magnesium spray @on my sore muscles and compression socks. @physixgearsport

Cheers 🥂 to staying healthy, happy, and energized in this summer ☀️ heat 🔥 #vivbuzz