Healthy at Any Size

healthy at any size


You may have heard about an awesome movement that has been picking up traction over the past few years – healthy at any size (HAES). I think it deserves some attention. I couldn’t be more in love and excited to spread the word. I’m sure you have heard the rumblings of this too but I wanted to do a deeper dive into my thoughts in hopes that it sparks some self-love and ease on yourself.

It is a Crazy World

Let’s be honest, it is a crazy fu@&ing world we live in right now. It is like with every passing year the Earth increases its speed exponentially until we may finally spin out of control – actually some days I feel like that may have already happened ;)  The decisions we have to make in one day, the busy schedules we maintain…..trying to take in all that life has to offer, only to question if the rat race is really “taking it all in” or watching life pass by only half present??? Being present and in the moment is a constant struggle and goal of mine. It sounds so damn easy yet often mission impossible.

So, What Does Healthy at Any Size Mean?

Straight from the HAES website, "support people in adopting health habits for the sake of health and well-being (rather than weight control)." We need to spend time listening to our bodies and giving it what it needs to feel the best we can. Every day that could be something a little different, especially for women, as we have monthly cycles where each day changes a little bit and each week changes a lot.

Size is Just a Number

Just because someone is a size 2 doesn’t mean they are healthy. There are many great examples where size 12, 14, and beyond women are very healthy and can often be healthier than a size 2. I’ve had friends that were a size 0 and had high blood sugar in college. I have had friends the same size that couldn’t do 10 squats without being out of breath. I also had size 12 friends compete aggressively in triathlons. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to health as all our bodies are so unique in what we require to thrive. Some people feel best at a size 2 and is what their body requires - at the end of the day, it is just a number to help us find a range of pants that may fit. 

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Loving Yourself

We must keep loving ourselves even if you don’t look like Gisele Bundchen or Tom Brady? I would bet without a shadow of a doubt that they struggle with their own mental challenges and body comparisons. It is a constant battle because we are human and have these powerful subconscious minds that really do rule over our conscious minds. Working toward changing the deep rooted subconscious mind can be very powerful and lead to a happier balanced and peaceful life. Contentment and self-love being the #ultimatelifegoal.

Limit Negative Self Talk

We must get conscious about our internal self-talk that is quick to tell us, we are not as good as the person next to us, or life would be so much better if only I had more money, thicker hair, longer nails, a size 24 waist, DD boobs, a new job, faster car, the strength of an ox, etc. The list goes on and on of what our silly little heads say to us without us even asking our subconscious!?! But you know what, those people with size 24 waist, thick hair, tiny waist, strong as an ox…. all are having some sort of struggle. We are all fighting a battle!!

Gratitude, Love, and Respect

We need to focus on spending time loving and respecting ourselves enough to say "thank you self for giving me the energy to wake up this morning, for giving me breathe to live another glorious day, and for all the many gifts".   Gratitude has been one of the most powerful tools for learning to love yourself – no matter what size.


Healthy at any size also means that 150 lbs. maybe a very healthy size for you and your body, maybe it is 200 lbs. or 110 lbs. that is healthy for you and your body. There is no perfect size or magical number on the scale. I say toss the damn scale out the window! Why do I need something to tell me how I should feel? If you LISTEN to your body then you will know if you need to rein it in and focus on nourishing your body to give you energy and to feel good. If you want to go on vacation and enjoy life with the most gluttonous meals and drinks then do it, but I don’t need a scale to come home too and scold me for the fun time and decisions I made – nor do I need my subconscious beating me up inside. I need self-love to say, “that was a damn good time! I do feel a little sluggish and am going to focus more on my health this week than last week.” THIS DOESN’T MEAN, I’m going to stop eating next week or go on some fad cabbage soup diet. We must stop the YO-YO diet nonsense. It will destroy you mentally and physically. Stop it! STOP IT!!! My passion and reason behind Vivacity Buzz is to bring awareness to balance, moderation, happiness, and help filter through all of fad diets, weight loss lies, “healthified” junk food, etc.

In short:

1.      Listen to your body. Eat what makes you feel good long term, not in the moment. What gives you energy? Eat it! What makes you feel tired and sluggish? Eat less of this!

2.      Stop the extreme diets that cannot be endured long term. There is no magic pill or diet that is fit for everyone especially long term.

3.      Stop comparing yourself to others and love the skin you are in. Give thanks daily for it.

4.      Be your biggest fan and cheerleader knowing you can work every day to get a little bit healthier - one choice at a time.

5.      Love yourself no matter where you are at today and stop judging others. Spread love and compassion.

If you are interested in more information on the Healthy at Any Size Movement please click on the link:

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