SuperFood Tablets

SUPERFOOD, There are a million different "Superfood" supplements on the market these days but of the ones I have tried over the years, there is one that stands alone...Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus.

The recommended dosage is 15 per anything you really do have to take the COMPLETE recommended dosage EVERYDAY to get the full impact and results. I take 10 every morning and 5 at lunch. I attribute this one product to an easy pregnancy with zero morning sickness or nausea, allergy relief, consistent energy levels, optimal immune system to prevent the cold and flu bug, and even an amazing cure for a hangover. It really is that amazing! But it will only work well if you take 15 a day, every day. I have tried to ration and save some money over the years by only taking 5 -10 a day and every time, my allergies flare right back up and my energy level declines. The recommended dosage is so high because Dr Schulze uses REAL herbs and they are finely grated, soaked, and heat pressed into pill form. If he used chemical powders like most other vitamin and supplement companies then you could cram all the chemical manufactured junk in one pill but your body does not get the same results from chemicals as it does from real wild harvested, organically grown in the US herbs!!

They offer it in tablet or powder form. I like the tablets for ease but the powder is also great for adding to smoothies or mixing it with apple juice.

Everything that Dr. Schulze makes is amazing - I have tried pretty much all of it and have nothing but positive experiences.…/Store/SuperFood-Plus-Tablets