List of Favorite Baby Must Haves

favorite baby products

Baby Favorites. Every mama has her must have list for her precious bundle of joy. After testing various items myself and having many great friends who made recommendations below is a list of my favorite baby things.

• Gerber soothe – probiotics
• The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears – a must read! Possibly the best book to read before having your baby. We spend so much time reading about pregnancy, sleep training, baby care, etc. but every baby is so different and you will learn as you go – and end up Googling everything. Sure the 5 S’s are great but in my opinion, the time is better spent reading the Dr Sears book. 
• A super comfy rocking chair, you will spend a lot of time in it…
• Sound machine – sleep sheep, baby shusher, baby Einstein, etc. Also download the “Relax Melodies” app for free which has many great sounds for baby to use on the go or when the batteries die in the sleep sheep at 4am. 
• Earth Mama Angel nipple cream (or Mother Love)
• Breastfeeding classes (before birth) and support group (after birth)
• Lactation Consultant on speed dial
• Mommy & Me class = sane happy mama
• Adan n Anais swaddle blankets
• Halo swaddle sleep sack (or Woombie)
• Wipe warmer (easy way to keep baby happy during changings)
• Dr Brown bottles (newborn nipples)
• Becco Gemini Baby Carrier (ideal for petite mamas and baby can face forward)
• My Brest Friend nursing pillow (a thousand times better than the boppy pillow)
• Dairy Fairy hands free bra for pumping (this is both a nursing bra and pumping bra all in one!) 
• Anything from the honest company
• Nose Frieda (amazing and simple invention to keep babies nasal passage clear)
• Newborn hat and clothes – most hats will be too big so make sure you have a newborn size hat – newborn is not the same as 0-3 months. Also we had to go out and buy some newborn size clothes as we only had a few. I felt like everyone kept saying you do not need newborn as they grow so quickly – our little nugget was in newborn size until 6 weeks old.
• Baby Cuisinart 3 in 1 (bottle warmer, food steamer, and puree)
• Lots of baby books – you will get tired of reading the same books over and over again.
• Keepsake baby book – take this to the hospital to fill out during your down time and while the memories are fresh.
• Orbit baby – as a wise friend once told me, strollers are like designer handbags. Each mama is partial to their stroller brand. For us, we loved having the car seat, stroller seat, and bassinet attach to the same stroller frame. It provided a lot of flexibility. We also liked being able to wheel the bassinet from room to room easily. 
• Baby center app
• The largest hard drive you can find, extra storage space on your computer and phone. You will max out your storage space in less than a month.

You other mamas out there, let the rest of us know some of your favorite must have baby products! Sharing is caring!