"That Girl" The Crazy Health Nut

beet veggie burger salad.jpg

It’s okay to be “that girl”!

That girl that cares about the health of her and the loved ones around her. The girl that cares so much she may seem a little crazy to others. She is the one that:

-          Is always bringing the healthiest dish to the party (kale salad anyone?)

-          Says “no” to dessert sometimes

-          Doesn’t buy juice boxes for her kids or let them have the free lollipops at the grocery store

-          Lures her husband-to-be in with cheesy sausage bread and then makes him go raw vegan for a week long cleanse – haha!

-          Has an herbal cure for most everything

I know it can be tough to be that girl sometimes when all of society wants to pick and poke fun at your crazy health ways but know that you will ultimately have the last laugh! Just because you have the will power of an ox doesn’t mean you should hold back or join in on eating something that you know is going to make you sick just to please others or “fit in”.

I am always adapting and listening to what my body needs therefore my dietary needs change frequently. For example, I used to be vegan gluten free before I had my first child. Once I got pregnant, my body wanted meat so I started eating it again. While breastfeeding my son I had to eliminate practically everything from my diet (gluten, all nuts, dairy, soy, and eggs) due to his gastro issues. Fast forward to my second pregnancy and my body craved dairy! It was the most insane and intense craving. I didn’t fight it, I just went with. I am also a well-known veggie lover and the sight of broccoli while pregnant with baby #2 made me want to throw up. It is amazing how the body works and will let you know exactly what it needs to be at an optimal state if we only learn to listen to it and most importantly respect what it is telling us. We shouldn’t be giving into food peer pressure and eating something just to avoid the healthy crazy girl stigma. 

On that exact same vibe, it is also important to feed your soul. If you want a cookie then eat a damn cookie! If you want to go to a Superbowl party and eat all of the wings you can inhale then go for it but make sure to listen and burn into memory how your body felt afterward. Did it feel great? Then keep doing it! Did you feel sick and miserable? Then have 1 or 2 next time instead of the whole tray. If having 1 or 2 still wreaks havoc on your digestive system then you have to really consider if they are worth the short-term enjoyment for long term punishment.

The point is, you do you! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for eating food aimed at optimal health and respecting what your body needs to thrive. You only have one life and at the end of the day you are the only one that is going to thrive or suffer from your choices. I don’t know why family and friends have to be the worst of anyone when it comes to judging and harassing someone for making better food choices for their health. We should be supporting and uplifting our loved ones. So, all of you food shamers out there who are just jealous you don’t have the willpower to control yourself need to think twice before you try and peer pressure someone into eating something they don’t want. If they were taking insulin to support their diabetes would you shame them? NO! So why food shame them when they are trying to make healthy decisions NOW to avoid diabetes, heart disease, and the many other chronic conditions that plaque our society! PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD FOOD TO ALL!