Best Natural Deodorants


Stench free armpits never go out of style and I have tried it all when it comes to natural options out there. I have an entire shelf in my bathroom just for natural deodorants I have used over the past year. Some I love some I don’t. 

I can finally say I have found the dynamite combination that works to keep me feeling and smelling fresh all day every day.

I use the Pacifica Bbeauty underarm wipes every single morning. After my armpits dry I then rotate every other day between the Primally Pure and Schmidts Naturals. Switching the deodorants every other day really helps to make a difference. Yeap, it is really that easy. 

And don’t worry, I have put this combo through the ultimate test! I have been using this line up all summer all while being pregnant. For those of you that have been pregnant you know that your armpits reach a whole new level of activity (and not in a good way) when pregnant so I feel very confident that if this combo keeps me smelling fresh throughout the hottest summer and this raging hormonal pregnancy it can do the trick for you too!