Being a Mom - Not all Fairy Dust and Sprinkles

Being a Mom.jpg

Being a mom is often sugar coated in fairy dust and pixie glitter with comments like “it is the most amazing thing in the world” and it is...but often the tough & challenging times are swept under the rug and we are left to feel alone when we have tough days or tough even weeks. Feeling like the only one who is going through self doubt, guilt, and worry when likely every mom has had these super tough times but we just don’t talk about it enough or LISTEN well enough when a mom is in need of extra support and love. Motherhood may be better equated to standing like a deer in headlights while getting grazed by a speeding train AND winning the lottery all at the same time! Yeap, like most things in life the really ahhhhhmazing things always come with challenges which is what makes it so damn rewarding and special.  

Motherhood has been the hardest and the best all at the same time. The sleepless nights, the insanely high new level of worry and guilt for everything all met with the feeling of watching your heart run around outside of you. The tough days are made brighter when we can see the world through their eyes - especially a 4 year old’s eyes. The hugs and kisses are enough to fill your heart with a lifetime of love and joy in the most pure and simple form of real selfless love. 

Happy Mother’s Day - every damn day - to all of you bad ass mommas out there who are fighting and giving every day to provide the best to you & your children #vivbuzz 

pic cred: @terezaharperphotography