Chocolate Kale Smoothie

Chocolate Kale Smoothie. This smoothie has quickly become my new favorite. 

Chocolate Kale Smoothie
½ c Frozen Kale
1 Frozen Banana
1 T Maca Powder
2 T Raw Cacao Powder (or cocoa powder)
1 T Ground Flax Seed
1 scoop of Protein Powder (I used hemp, approx. 2 T)
1 c Coconut Almond Milk (add more if needed)
1 T Chia Seeds (optional, increases protein, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and will keep you full longer)
6 small Dates or 3 large Dates (optional, increases sweetness, fiber, and potassium)
¼ c Ice (optional)
1 T Cacao Nips (or chocolate chips)

(Additional Add In Ideas: coconut water, coconut oil, coconut shreds, superfood powder, fresh spinach, probiotics, etc. Whatever you feel your body needs or is craving that day!)

Place all ingredients except the cacao nips into VitaMix (or blender). Start speed on low and increase. Blend for 1-2 minutes until desired consistency. Add in cacao nips and blend on low for 15 seconds. Serve up straight with a big green straw.