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free fitness app zova

Zova. Download this app right NOW! I'm sure we have all heard that weight management and health is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. Just because 20% may seem low doesn't mean we can ignore it. Exercise also helps us maintain our mental health which is being tested daily in the fast paced high stress world we live in. Some say we are making 35,000 decisions each day (just scrolling through social media daily is laced with many decisions: to "like" or not like, to read, or post, etc.). We are making the same amount of decisions in one day that our grandparents made in a year. It is more important than ever to take time for ourselves daily to work out - even just 10 minutes - to give our minds a mental break on all of the noise around us. 

I love this app because it is FREE!! And it gives you many options based on what you need for the day. Maybe you need a simple stretch after a hard workout yesterday, or you have a lot of energy/ anxiety you can cue up the cardio routine...feeling strong, do the strength training workout. I also love that they range from 8-15 minutes so I have no excuse to not fit at least one a day. This app is also great for anyone who travels for work! This app allows me to cue up a workout in my hotel room in a jiffy! The free service only allows you to do one every 6 hours. I try and do a stretch or cardio in the am and strength in afternoon/ evening. You have an option to buy a premium service which allows you to take multiple ones at anytime and customize your workout. The free version has met my needs over the past several months and I hope you find it useful too! Let me know if you download it and how you like it!

Any by the way, how adorable are those frogs!